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Federated WiFi Privacy Policy (english)

 Name of the service: Federated WiFi provided by Università degli Studi Roma TRE

Description of the service: WiFi network access

Data controller and a contact person: Roma Tre Roma University represented  its legal representative pro-tempore, the Rector, domiciled for the office at the headquarters of the University; Vincenzo Praturlon ,

Jurisdiction: IT-RM Italia Roma

Personal data processed:

A) The following data is retrieved from your Home Organisation:

  1. your unique user identifier (SAML persistent identifier)    
  2. your role and your Home Organisation (eduPersonScopedAffiliation attribute)    

B) The following data is gathered from yourself:

  1. connection start/end    
  2. connection use    
  3. connection tracking

Purpose of the processing of personal: the personal data are collected in log files for the purpose of resolving problem and for the request of judicial authority. The email can be used to contact you (only abaut this service or in the case of emergency)

Third parties to whom personal data is disclosed: the personal data are not disclosed to third parties

How to access, rectify and delete the personal data: Contact the contact person above. To rectify the data released by your Home Organisation, contact your Home Organisation's IT helpdesk.

Data retention: Personal data is deleted on request of the user or if the user hasn't used the service for two years.

Data Protection Code of Conduct: Your personal data will be protected according to the Code of Conduct for Service Providers, a common standard for the research and higher education sector to protect your privacy.

Moreover the service is compliant with the University privacy policies as described in the following documents:

Staff: Informativa sulla Privacy per il personale di Roma Tre

Students: Informativa sulla Privacy per gli studenti di Roma Tre

Suppliers: Informativa sulla Privacy per i fornitori di Roma Tre

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