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Federated WiFi (english)



The IDEM WiFi service allows all IDEM members to authenticate with their own credentials to get access to the WiFi network


- Roma TRE users can access other IDEM institutions' WiFi networks 

- campus guests, from other IDEM institutions, can access Roma TRE WiFi network with their own credentials.

In either case, the users will easily identify the relevant network by the SSID code 'idem'


The following informations relate to the IDEM WiFi service as implemented within Roma TRE campus.

The service requires at login the user authorizarion to release the following attributes:

eduPersonTargetedID, eduPersonScopedAffiliation.

Access is granted for all institutional members of the IDEM and eduGAIN federation

(affiliation member+staff or member+student).

L'accesso è autorizzato per tutti gli utenti strutturati della Federazine IDEM ed eduGAIN (affiliazione member+staff o member+student).

For information and support:,353
or send a message to:
idem at
The service has been implemented thanks to the developers and the community of the open software ZeroShell.
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